To heal our bodies and the world, OCC draws upon, engages in, and influences scientific research

Decades of research has revealed a powerful brain-body connection that points us towards both root causes of chronic illness and disease as well as the body’s innate power to heal. The powerful adverse effects of loneliness, chronic stress and trauma on our physiological systems have been well documented, and robust literature points us toward opportunities for healing that center on nervous system regulation, social-emotional support and connection. Yet most healthcare settings and treatment plans largely ignore or fail to meaningfully address these root causes and healing pathways.

OCC is different - our innovative approach stems directly from this rich scientific research. We incorporate nervous system regulation, social-emotional support, connection, patient education and other healing modalities into a program of care that, to our knowledge, isn't offered anywhere else.

We believe so strongly in the potency of our model and its potential for powerful healing, that we want to systematically document and report its efficacy within the scientific community -- so that our model becomes the standard of care.

To this end, we are centering research as a key aspect of our work from the very start. Our research program gathers data and tracks results in order to continually refine our approach and to share our findings with the scientific community. Our long-term goal is to prove to insurance companies that a fully integrated approach such as ours not only improves patients' health outcomes but also saves money.

In November 2021, OCC is launching a six-month pilot study with an initial cohort of patients. The objectives of this pilot are threefold: to assess and refine OCC’s model of care, to better understand the key improvement levers on the patients’ journey, and to obtain preliminary data on the model’s effectiveness that we will use to pursue future grants and research collaborations.

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Note: Pilot interviews are being conducted on a first come, first served basis and interest has exceeded our available slots. Final decisions will be made in the coming weeks. Please let us know if you'd like to be added to the wait list!

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