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Removing Obstacles to Healing

Prerequisite for all OCC patients - Open to the public at no cost!

UPCOMING DATE: Saturday October 23 at 9:30 am

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Removing Obstacles to Healing is the first of a two-part series about the Autonomic Nervous System's role in both health and illness.

This is an in-depth look at the physiological impacts of chronic stress and how certain autonomic nervous system states can inhibit the body's biological capacity for health, growth and restoration. These effects can undermine even the very best attempts to heal chronic illness with external interventions.

At OCC we're also passionate about prevention, and this course is equally valuable for understanding how to harness your body's innate protective mechanisms in order to prevent disease and experience not only longevity but health and vitality.

In this 90-minute educational presentation, Jessica and Micaela will share the science demonstrating how chronic stress, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and developmental trauma (including insecure attachment) can cause myriad health consequences including digestive impairment, immune dysregulation, and chronic systemic inflammation. For many, these underlying root cause factors are what helped to "set us up" for developing chronic illness in the first place. For everyone with complex chronic illness, these are contributing factors that are inhibiting our body's ability to heal.

This is why we've made this prerequisite learning for all OCC patients. Beyond that, we feel this information is so important to public health (in both preventing and healing illness), we've decided to offer this education to you at no cost. We want as many people as possible to experience the myriad health benefits that understanding this biology can offer.

At OCC we know that failing to address nervous system dysregulation will undermine even the very best attempts to heal chronic illness with external interventions. This is an in-depth look at how, due to a variety of influences, the Autonomic Nervous System can be a root cause of complex chronic illness -- but also a powerful intervention toward restoring our innate and ever-adaptable capacity for healing and vitality.

We hope that once you've seen this lecture, you'll join us for the second lecture in this series, Harnessing Your Power to Heal. We highly recommend you attend both lectures in order to fully appreciate the intricate dance between our nervous systems, our hormones, and our immune systems, and how these relate to restoring wellness! In this 90-minute presentation, we explore evidenced-based opportunities for how we can apply the understanding of Polyvagal Theory to help us move forward on a trajectory of healing.

NEXT AVAILABLE: Saturday October 23 at 9:30 am -- this introductory webinar is open to the public at no cost!

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Harnessing Your Power to Heal

UPCOMING DATE: Saturday October 30 at 9:30 am

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Now that you understand how chronic stress and/or nervous system dysregulation are affecting your physiology and capacity for health, we want to show you how you can Harness Your Power to Heal!

In this 90-minute presentation Micaela and Jessica present the science and application of Steven Porges's Polyvagal Theory where you'll begin to learn how we can leverage the wisdom of our evolutionary biology to optimize and/or restore your capacity for health, growth, and restoration. In this lecture, we'll help you to more fully appreciate the intricate dance between our autonomic nervous systems (including our thoughts, emotions and relationships), our hormones and our immune systems, and how these have a profound influence on either creating illness or restoring/nurturing wellness.

The practice of Polyvagal Theory has the power to not only transform your physical health but offers a practice and perspective for inviting healing and possibility in all areas of our lives.

NEXT AVAILABLE: Saturday October 30 at 9:30 am, $50

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Functional Medicine Education Classes

A peek at some of the important health topics we'll be covering in a group Zoom format!

All classes included in our 6-month Memberships. Open Office Hours Members may access these classes at a discounted rate of $25/each. Classes are available to the public for $50/each.

Our classes usually run 75-120 minutes and questions are invited! New topics will be added, schedule to be determined.

  • Improving Gut Health (including digestion, absorption, microbiome, immune capacity, leaky gut, etc.)

  • Mitochondrial Health (energy production, free radicals, etc.)

  • Liver Detoxification (mold, metals, chemicals, fatty liver, etc.)

  • Chronic Infection Principles (Lyme and co-infections, yeast, long-haul COVID, EBV, UTIs, etc.)

  • Understanding and Optimizing Estrogen Metabolism

  • Understanding and Decreasing Autoimmunity

  • The Truth About Gluten (and other inflammatory foods)

  • Chronic Pain (compelling new research on chronic pain and how we can finally begin to free ourselves from its effects)

  • Limiting Beliefs and Trapped Emotions (how they're affecting your physical health and what we can do to release them)

  • Mindfulness and Meditation; Stillness and Movement (an assortment of classes designed to soothe the nervous system and reunite mind and body for optimal healing)

  • Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology (ancient wisdom meets modern science)

  • Journal Your Way to Healing (an expressive arts and journaling class based, in part, by the research of James W. Pennebaker, PhD)